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Tips for Total Commander for Android

Help file for Total Commander for Android you can find in aplication itself.
Here you can find few useful "tips 'n' tricks".

Internal commands

100 - History
101 - Bookmarks
102 - Search
103 - Exit
104 - New folder
105 - Configure
106 - Properties
107 - Copy to clipboard
108 - Cut to clipboard
109 - Paste from clipboard
110 - Select
111 - Copy
112 - Pack
113 - Delete
114 - Sort
115 - Calculate occupied space
116 - New file
117 - Home folder
118 - Reload
119 - Remount (requires root access)
120 - Parent folder
121 - Copy names to clipboard
122 - Full names to clipboard
123 - Save names to file
124 - Full names to file
125 - Ignore list on/off
126 - Go back
127 - Go forward

Settings files

Settings files (xml) are in this folder:

If you don't have root access:
- create a new bookmark with path /data/data/, or
- create a new button of type "Change directory" with command /data/data/

FTP or LAN master password reset

If you forgot FTP or LAN master password, or entered a master password by mistake, e.g. by confirming an empty password:
Go to folder /data/data/ and open the file TotalCommander.xml.
The key "AESVerify" is used for the master password. You can delete that key or the entire file TotalCommander.xml. Then you have to close and re-open TC.

If you don't have root access

Deleting the file with the encrypted passwords

Go to folder /data/data/ and delete the file plugin_pass_WebDAV.xml
Then you have to get Total Commander somehow out from the memory, for example with a task killer, or a reboot.

If you don't have root access

Creating FTP log file

You can create a log file to see what is going on when using FTP plugin.

  1. Go to the home screen (tap on the house icon)
  2. Tap on SD-Card
  3. Check whether a folder .TotalCommander exists. If not, create it with "Create new folder" button.
  4. Open that folder
  5. Hold down your finger on the topmost line (..) until the context menu appears
  6. Tap on "New text file"
  7. Enter name: log.txt
  8. Close Total Commander via its menu, and start it again

Writing to a protected file system

To be able to write to a protected file system like /system/app, there are three conditions:

  1. The file system must be read/write. To change it from read only, add a button to the button bar:
    Button type: Internal command
    Command: 119

    The button will show "r" for read only file systems, "rw" for read+write. You can tap on it to change the state.
    Note that Android uses separate file systems for some folders like /data!
  2. The folder in which you work must allow writing too! You can check the folder permissions by holding the finger down on the folder until the context menu appears, then open the properties.
  3. To modify a certain file, you need to have write rights to that file! You can check that in the properties of that file.

See also: How To Enable Writing To Read-Only Partitions

Quick tips

Multiple selection: To copy or move, pack or unpack, download or upload multiple files, select them by tapping on their icons.

Creating a new TXT file: Holding down ".." (parent dir) on top of the panel can create a new TXT file.

You can replace some of the default shortcuts on home screen (SD-card, Photos, Downloaded files) by holding a finger on the link until the context menu with option "Change location" appears. You can't change the icon.

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